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Welcome fellow Trikkers and those interested in taking up this unique sport/fitness craze! Please feel free to post carving advice, stories about trikke adventures, crashes, and other fun stuff! Share your favorite places to trikke!

LOVE this!

Posted By cheekyredhead on Jun 7, 2009 at 1:36PM

My trekke and I are inseparable.

Since I got it for last Christmas, I have taken many adventures on it and lost 15 lbs in the process!

This is fabulously FUN! If you get an opportunity to try one--PLEASE DO!

You call this a workout---NoWay---this is FUN!

Posted By cheekyredhead on Jan 5, 2009 at 9:52PM

Trikkes are great workouts...and the really cool part is you don't even realize you are working out because it is So much Fun!

Since Christmas I have been riding almost everyday for about 30 minutes...somedays more. Gotta tell you it is fun but even more important, I have noticed my legs and arms are getting toned and stronger! Going uphill is not my thing yet but I am working on it.

Anyone know of some great places that are Trikke friendly?

Trikke me!

Posted By cheekyredhead on Dec 30, 2008 at 2:52PM

OMG..Trikkes are SO much FUN! Today I went to a school parking lot and had SO much fun! Up until now I had just been on my street in front of my house which is on a cul-de-sac and has a slight decline. It was much less work on a flat surface!

I did learn to say away from leaves and gravel. Still haven't fallen so I guess it is just luck...or perhaps hidden talent?

A bunch of little kids were begging me to let them ride my Trikke....but noway was I giving up my new toy!

MyTrikke....oh yeah!

Posted By cheekyredhead on Dec 29, 2008 at 10:16PM

Hello everyone! Santa just gave me my first trikke! No...it is not a tricycle but it does have three wheels.

I saw the "infomercial" before thanksgiving and put it on my list. I absolutely LOVE it! I even went out on Christmas day in the rain (they say not to do this) but it's my toy and I'll fall if I want to...lucky though...haven't fallen YET.

This is such a great "toy" but also the most fun I have ever had as a workout. I haven't missed a day riding it. The first week I realized how really out of shape was...really had me breathing hard...BUT hardly any sore muscles the next day.

Still working on hills...and that does give me sore muscles. I can't wait to upgrade to better tires! I "think" I got a small example of the "sweet spot" yesterday...I just took off like crazy!

I need to confess...I "borrowed" a pic for our icon from the Trikke USA website, as I haven't gotten a Pict of myself yet. So...thanks Trikke USA for sharing the Pict! It will be fun to see Pict's people post here and I am looking forward posting some of my own Trikke Pict's!